Where I Work: Tony, a lifestyle coach who doesn’t have any chairs in his home


As coronavirus pushes more of us into self-isolation and lockdown, what’s your working setup like?

We’re taking a look at people’s home offices – from the laptop trays stacked on sofas to the fancy marble rooms with standing desks – in our new mini series, Where I Work.

So far we’ve peeked at the desk of a comedian and seen how one writer is working on a houseboat.

Today we’re hanging out with Tony Riddle, also known as The Natural Life-stylist, an ultra-endurance barefoot athlete and natural lifestyle coach, in his home in Hampstead, London.

An interesting thing about Tony’s home and work setup: He doesn’t have any chairs in his home. No, not even a nice sofa to lounge on.

Hi, Tony! What do you do for work?

I teach people how to rewild themselves and their habits within their home and office habitat; to live more in sync with their natural human biology.

I do one-to-one coaching, online coaching tutorials, hold talks, classes, run workshops and host retreats.

And where are you working now?

I live with my wife Katarina and our four children aged ten, eight, three, and five months in Hampstead, London.

I usually coach London-based clients face-to-face at my studio in Camden or outside on Hampstead Heath. I also coach international clients via Zoom.

Because I work across different time zones, I have dedicated work set up at home. With coronavirus, I’ll be taking all clients online so working from home full-time.

Can you break down your working setup for us?

I have a low sitting desk – a low desk set up for floor sitting when working from home, for transitioning between ground sitting positions to help unravel, keep supple and strong.

I use floor sitting positions to help maintain my posture and athleticism and to keep me grounded and in my body.

I bought a large dining table from Habitat and cut the legs to accommodate our ground living experience.

I have plenty of plants – natural surroundings purify the air and help drop your cortisol levels, keeping you in a rest & digest state.

I wear amber glasses in the evening for Zoom calls to block the junk light (blue light). This keeps my circadian rhythm and sleep patterns in check.

We notice a lack of chairs – why is it that you only sit on the floor?

The truth is, we have become domesticated beings, spending 90% of our lives indoors, and 83% of us living in urban environments. Most of that time is spent sitting down.

Sitting for long periods of time creates stagnation and encourages lack of movement.

It is as detrimental to stand for long periods of time with poor posture as it is to sit with poor posture, so the archetypal floor sitting postures help nurture the appropriate posture for standing, walking and running.

Man works without seats