World Oral Health Day 2020: Date, Theme and Significance of the Day


Our mouth is a gateway to our body, be it vitamins and minerals or germs and viruses. Therefore, to keep our body healthy, one must take special care of oral hygiene. To stress on this point, we celebrate World Oral Health Day on March 20 every year.

The annual event is organised by the FDI World Dental Federation and is considered to be the largest of all oral campaigns around the world. The first World Oral Health Day celebration was marked in 2013.


Every year, the FDI World Dental Federation marks an official theme to celebrate the day. For the year 2020, the theme is “Say Ahh: Unite for Mouth Health”. Last year, the theme for World Oral Health day was “Say Ahh: Act for Mouth Health”.


We eat, speak and even smile using our mouth, giving it utmost important among the body parts. It becomes imperative to look after the oral health, no matter what age are we at.

There are a number of diseases related to our oral health, including tooth decay, gum disease, cavities and bad breath. Ignoring these would lead to a greater risk to our body.

To celebrate the day, people hold conferences and seminars around the world, spreading awareness regarding oral health and hygiene.